Junior High School Supply List


7th and 8th Grade

All classes require paper, pens, and pencils, a lock for your hallway locker, and a 3 ring binder with class dividers.

USB Flash drive

Ear buds/head phones


     8th grade:

            1” binder

            1 package of dividers

            2 folders for writing assignment

            1 yellow highlighter

            Pocket Folder

            2 large composition notebooks

            Colored pencils

            Elmers School Glue (not gluestick)

7th grade:

            Pink, green, yellow highlighters


            Index Cards 1 pkg. 3x5

            Loose leaf paper

            Red and blue pens

            2-composition notebook  

            Pocket folder

2 composition notebook

           7th grade: Book cover 8.5x 11

           8th grade: Book cover 11.5 x 10

       Shorts/sweatpants/t-shirt with sleeves

          gym shoes

          lock for locker

Shop Class:
     Safety glasses 
     Lock for locker
   #3 Van Doren reeds for sax and clarinet players

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