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    Attention Students, Parents & Community Members:

    As many of you may already be aware, the numbers of staff and students out for COVID related issues has drastically increased within the last few days.  Last night (September 8, 2021), the Board of Trustees voted to make the following changes to our Safe Return to School Plan in an effort to keep our buildings open with students in school full-time:

    1.  Temperature Checks in the morning to ensure we don't have sick students coming to school.

    • At the Jr/Sr High, this will be done as students enter the building at the main entrance and/or in the shop
    • At the Elementary, this will be done in classrooms by teachers as that is where students enter each morning. 

    2.  A temporary "face covering" requirement beginning Monday and continuing through the next board meeting (4 weeks).  This requirement will be reevaluated at that board meeting.

    Visit https://www.psd285.org/News/603 to view a message from Superintendent, Janet Avery..   

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Jr.-Sr. High School Bell Schedule


As we return to school full time on Monday, February 22, we are making some changes that we feel will be beneficial to our students. The first change will be shifting our starting time from 8:10 to 8:02 and our end of day will be extended from 3:00 to 3:02. Here is the new bell schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

1st: 8:02 – 8:58 (56 min)
2nd: 8:58 – 9:52 (54 min)
3rd: 9:52 – 10:46 (54 min)
4th: 10:46 – 11:40 (54 min)
Lunch: 11:40 – 12:20 (40 min)
5th:   12:20 – 1:14 (54 min)
6th: 1:14 – 2:08 (54 min)
7th: 2:08 – 3:02 (54 min)

Thursday with Access Period (T.A.P.)

1st: 8:02 – 8:52 (50 min)        
2nd:   8:52 – 9:42 (50 min)
3rd: 9:42 – 10:32 (50 min)
4th: 10:32 – 11:22 (50 min)
Lunch: 11:22 – 12:02 (40 min)
5th:   12:02 – 12:52 (50 min)
6th:    12:52 – 1:42 (50 min)
7th:    1:42 – 2:32 (50 min)
Access: 2:32 – 3:02 (30 min)

To help our students with this transition we are returning the access period on Thursdays. This time is required and will be used by staff to provide extra instructional support, social emotional learning activities, anxiety management and time organization for our students. 

Mrs. McCarver will be holding additional group interactions with students for those who may be struggling with anxiety, stress and academics. If you feel your child needs additional services beyond this please contact Mrs. McCarver.

We will also be implementing a mask or face shield requirement with the expectation that masks will be worn in the building at all times. Students are required to supply their own mask.

 Quick tips to help your student's transition:

  • Develop a routine: sleep schedule, eating habits, homework routines and balance activities
  • Communicate with teachers to help identify areas of concerns.
  • Ask specific questions about your student’s day as a way to check in on their wellbeing.                                                                                  “What was interesting about today?”  and “What was the best part of your day?”
  • Keep a mask or two in your student’s backpack.

We are excited to have our students back full time and we look forward to seeing their progress.


Principal Richards                                         

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