Kindergarten School Supply List

1 large backpack
1 box Crayola markers – (Broad line 12 count)
1 pair gym shoes (Velcro if your child cannot count)
1 small bottle of glue (4 oz.)

1 package No. 2 pencils
1 box of Crayola crayons (24 Count)
   BOYS 1 box Ziplock bags (quart size)
   GIRLS 1 box facial tissue
1 box Dixie cups

1 water pain set

Note: There may be a student in our class this year with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. We are going to make our classroom a “Peanut and Tree Nut Free Zone” and would like your help!

Listed below are snacks that are usually safe from peanut and tree nuts. If a specific brand is listed, we know that it is a safe snack; other brands or generic snacks MAY NOT BE SAFE. Please also check the label of ingredients thoroughly for peanuts or tree nuts, including any warnings included under the ingredients list.
3 Large Boxes of Crackers or Other Dry Snacks, Such As: Crackers – Cheez-it (Original and Cheddar Jack Flavors ONLY), Triscuits, Wheat-Thins, Saltines, Honey Maid or Hy-Top Graham Crackers, Rodney’s Animal Crackers, Cheerios, Rold Gold Pretzels (Most Other Brands Are OK, Check Ingredients First) 
Goldfish Crackers, Popcorn – Smartfood, Kettle Corn (Most Brands Are Ok, Check Ingredients First)
Do Not Label Any Other Items As We Share Everything In Class Throughout The Year.

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