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Superintendent Janet Avery

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A Message from Superintendent Avery

March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

First, I want to thank our communities for supporting our students and staff helping pass our Supplemental Levy.  Now the work begins in planning the best use of those funds.  

I want to let you know about two activities taking place in Potlatch Schools.  The "Creativity Carnival" and "IDX."

Dr. Tonia Dousay, with the University of Idaho Doceo Center, approached us in the Fall about partnering with Potlatch School District for some research around the idea of creativity and the effect it can have on student confidence in learning new things.  Professors, graduate students, and staff from multiple departments at the University of Idaho have designed different hands-on experiences that allow student to use creativity skills (looking at things from different perspectives, or exploring different ideas) to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities.  They are hosting the "Creativity Carnival" on Tuesdays at the Jr/Sr High School, and on Thursdays at the Elementary School.  
creativity carnival activities


Hiedi Carpenter, Karen Rohn, and Josh Hardy have been working with teams with the 5th and 6th grade classrooms for our local Potlatch IDX event.  IDX is the "Idaho Exhibition of Ideas."  Each year, IDX has a different theme around which students come up with innovative ideas.  This year's theme is "Space."  Potlatch Elementary 5th and 6th grade students researched problems that astronauts may encounter while in space - specifically while living at the International Space Station.  Students decided on a problem they would like to solve, then designed something that would address that problem - they had to test their designs multiple times before they came up with a solution that might work.  The 5th and 6th graders tackled various problems such as what to do with crumbs from eating; how to handle brushing teeth and having to swallow toothpaste; how to deal with floating hair getting in the way; and how diabetics might be able to go to space.  Thanks to Gary Strong, Evelyn Thompson, and Doug Richards for being judges on the "expo" day.   
IDX competition

There was one 4th grade and one 5th grade winner chosen - each of those teams will represent Potlatch Elementary in a statewide IDX competition in April.
IDX Winners

Needless to say, we have some very creative students.  WIth all of these activities, students learn perseverance - when something doesn't work the first time, you don't give up - you look at the problem a different way and try again.

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