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Board of Trustees Operating Principles

For the purpose of promoting, maintaining and enhancing teamwork and collaboration among members of the Board of Trustees and between the Board and Administration, we the members of the Potlatch School District Board of Trustees publicly commit ourselves collectively and individually to an adopted set of Operating Principles.  We also believe that the manner in which we conduct our business sets a professional example and a standard for the staff, students, parents and community. Thus, we commit to model the practices oulined in the Operating Principles:

  1. The Board of Trustees will represent the needs and interests of ALL the children of our district.  Their educational welfare is the Board's greatest concern;
  2. The Board will represent the needs and interests of ALL the patrons of our school district and will be a good steward of tax dollars;
  3. The Board values the public's right to be informed about the Board decisions and school operations;
  4. The Board will lead by example.  We agree to avoid words and actions that impact people negatively and personally.  Prior to making decisions, we expect to debate and have a full discussion of differing points of view in a safe, open, honest and respectful environment;
  5. The Board will establish the vision, adopt and revise policy and assume accountability.  The Superintendent will administer Board policy and manage the schools.  The Board, with input of the Superintendent, will set clear goals for the School District.
  6. Board members understand that individual members do not have authority.  Only the Board as a whole has authority and only in a publicly noticed, convened meeting.
  7. Board members will do their homework, be informed, be active listeners, be on time, present a professional appearence, and attend all regularly scheduled sessions and committee meetings.
  8. In preparation for Board meetings, Board members are encouraged to ask questions of administration in advance of meetings; board members agree to ask questions without questioning authority.
  9. The Board recognizes that decisions are made by a majority vote.  Once a decision is made, all Board membes will support that decision;
  10. All staff and student personnel complaints and criticisms received by the Board, as a whole or the individual members, will be directed to the Superintendent;
  11. The Board will follow the chain of command referrring others to present their issues, problems, or proposals to the person who can properly and expeditiously address the issues;
  12. Board members will refrain from communications which create conditions of bias should a problem or complaint become the subject matter of a hearing before the Board;
  13. Surprises to the Board or the Superintendent will be the exception, not the rule.  We agree to ask the Board Chair or the Superintendent to place an item or items that have arisen from discussion at meetings and cannot be addressed at the time on a future agenda.
  14. If a Board member needs more information, either the Superintendent or Board Chair is to be contaced before the meeting whenever possible.
  15. The Board will schedule regular opportunities for informal interaction between the board and the Superintendent. Members will strive to build better relationships with one another and with the Superintendent.
  16. Executive sessions will be held only when specific needs arise.  Board members must adhere to confidentiality in regard to executive sessions realizing the legal ramifications of outside communication from these sessions; board members understand that they will receive information that is confidential and cannot be shared;
  17. Board members agree to make all decisions based on the available facts and their independent judgement and refuse to surrender that judgment to individuals or special interests groups;
  18. Board members promise to be open, fair and honest - no hidden agendas and respec the right of other board members to have opinions and ideas which differ from their own;
  19. The Board will conduct a yearly self-evaluation and promptly address individual problems which limit teamwork, thus being in conflick with the Operating Principles;
  20. The Board will affirm these Operating Principles annually.


Established: November 8, 2015

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